About us

Martin Franzese , company founder, born in Argentina.
Trained in public policies and development of solidarity economies, he is currently an integral member of FESCOOP, a federation of ethical finance cooperatives from Portugal which currently promotes the financial cooperative movement in Lisbon-Portugal, Brazil and Argentina. It also promotes the ethical financing of self-sustainable renewable energies with social and environmental impact.

Lorenza Costa,at the head of the technology sector, was born in Italy.
After obtaining a medical-scientific training, he worked in the ICT sector for 10 years with Telecomitalia, later he developed services and projects addressed to the sector of safety and eco-sustainability by collaborating with the technical tables of some governments, ministries and even national universities.

From their meeting in Rome 3 years ago, the idea of creating a company with the aim of developing a financial and economic system based on the social economy with the aim of improving the life of the citizen has come to life. " This is how EtiCard Finanzas was born

Main focus

The main function of EtiCard is the financing citizens within the social and solidarity economy, through low-cost financial intermediation.
This means promoting healthy, supportive and sustainable consumption, based on ethical and moral principles.

Martin Franzese  

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