A tourist and sports route dedicated to all people with disabilities and their families.


It is a tourist circuit for disabled and sports people, which also offers families the possibility of a holiday and comfort.
The resort, in addition to the services necessary for a good holiday,
is equipped with a regenerative medicine and advanced cell therapy clinic.
For this reason, the project is not exclusive but inclusive
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This page describes the general structure of the system, identifying the key components involved, focusing the hardware and software components and the relationships between them.

Home suite

Suite of intelligent devices linked each-other to monitor and assist the person within his/her home during the whole day; the suite is under constant monitoring by an operatie central.

Outdoor suite

Suite of intelligent/wearable devices that, in conjunction with a smartphone used as local “router†to be connected with the oerative central, will be ablle to monitor nd assist the person even during outdoor activities.

Outdoor Extensions

The system, connected to an application on a smartphone or bracelet, allows you to always have a complete set of information,
allowing you to check the person's health status and location.
This allows for rapid on-site intervention.