Social Economy

Social Economy

Our credit cards

  • Gold, for professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Corporate, prepaid card.
  • Inclusive, for specific services and projects.
  • Social, dedicated to social initiatives.

Social Economy

EtiCard Finanzas is the first ETHICAL credit card that operates through the principle of social movements, integrating services also for the disabled world.
EtiCard Social, is the specific sector that assigns microcredit funds with an interest rate of 0.

EtiCard's target

The goal of EtiCard Finanzas is to promote healthy consumption for the integration of all social categories, including vulnerable sectors by transmitting and implementing a financial method with a social impact.
In this way, the economic range that is crucial for the economic future of each country is being improved.

For all your needs

EtiCard Finanzas grants personal microcredit loans of € 250.00 and loans of up to
€ 2,500.00 for all commercial and production activities.